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Art Hutchinson is Founding Principal at Cartegic Group, a Boston-area consultancy specializing in strategic thinking using interactive scenarios. (‘cartegic’ = strategy based on a cartographic, or mapping metaphor.)

Art is an innovator and veteran practitioner of Cartegic's unique scenario-based process, helping clients to forge practical strategy and enhance organizational resilience under conditions of high uncertainty and discontinuous change. He is a seasoned writer, speaker, advisor, and executive, having spent two decades working with management teams at some of the world's most prominent global organizations, as well as some lesser-known, but highly successful start-ups and ‘intrapreneuring’ ventures.

In response to vulnerabilities identified during and after the 9-11 attacks, Art worked on a 3-year team effort to re-architect and implement new highly resilient data networks for the information technology operations of a key “industry utility” client, (i.e., supporting trading, clearing, settlement and market data for the entire U.S. securities industry). Art led the business strategy and planning portions of the engagement, helping to move the client’s management and planning systems towards a stance more congruent with the new resilient networks they had built. Art was also instrumental in helping the client to develop marketing and customer support capabilities where none had existed before.

Prior to founding Cartegic in 2001, Art spent seven years at Northeast Consulting Resources, (acquired by NerveWire in 2000 and subsequently dissolved). There he led a wide range of engagements for a range of large, global corporate clients to look at alternative futures for IT investment relative to business scenarios, customer-focused product/service development, and corporate and business unit strategy. Most recently he headed Nervewire’s strategy practice in financial services.

For several years in the mid ‘90’s at NCRI, Art was involved in pioneering work on digital rights management, related technologies and their impacts in the publishing, media, and entertainment industries. He helped to design and run several ground-breaking semi-public scenario workshops on the future of “information commerce”, as well as working with one of the most prominent technology vendors in the DRM space to develop their business and marketing plans. During the same period, he was a central to helping a Fortune 50 client develop and obtain funding for an innovative information services business using cutting-edge DRM technology.

Prior to his tenure at Northeast, Art was Director of Consulting Services at BIS Strategic Decisions, (now part of Forrester Research), where he helped a range of IT product and service providers to develop new products and effective marketing and distribution strategies to go with them. Before BIS, Art ran the Distribution Channels Information Service at International Data Corp. (IDC) where he advised computing and software vendor clients on their distribution channel and market access programs.

Art is a founding member of the Digital Commerce Society of Boston (DCSB) - started in 1995, and the font of his continuing interest in applying so-called ‘prediction markets’ to complex planning problems. He writes extensively on the interplay between business strategy and rapid technology evolution, and speaks and teaches at a range of industry events and symposia. Recently, he chaired a panel at the Conference Board on Measuring Innovation Success.

Mr. Hutchinson earned his BA from Williams College. In his spare time, he is a competitive endurance athlete, having completed the Boston Marathon several times, six Ironman triathlons, and several ultra-marathon (50 and 100 mile) runs. Art is married with two teenage daughters and lives in the Boston area.