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17 May 2005


Mike Leeman

Here's a rather useful (in my experience) definition of the word "perception" - perception is the process of selecting, organizing and interpreting external stimuli.

Now, if we consider all the information in all the blogs in the known blogosphere to be external stimuli, unless we ALL agree on just exactly WHICH stimuli to select; AND, we ALL organize it in the same way; AND, we ALL interpret it in the same way; then we ALL cannot, by definition, perceive it in the same way.

And so, assuming perception really IS reality, the likelihood of ALL of us sharing the same reality is on the order of those monkeys writing MacBeth.

All of which is to say, while I agree that blogging is cool and entertaining (although more than a little self indulgent I think you have to admit) and very, very democratic, I'm struggling with how it helps me discover what's real.

On the other hand, having a stimulating CONVERSATION (with you for instance), helps a lot. :-)

Best, Mike

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