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27 December 2006


TX CHL Instructor

15 years ago, nobody would have noticed. Today, this outage has affected the tiny company that I work for, which has outsourced a substantial amount of work to the PRC. We are not "off the air", but things are much slower. The major impact will be next week, when the workload picks back up after the holidays.

Markus Krisetya

I am sorry but you are making a big mistake using our Internet map--which shows connectivity at the IP layer--in a conversation about rerouting traffic at the physical layer (i.e. terrestrial or submarine networks).

The answer is "yes" network operators in Singapore can reroute traffic from going through cables cut near Taiwan, to go through Australia via the Southern Cross Cable system to the U.S. and "yes" it can reroute it can reroute traffic across China through Trans-Siberian terrestrial network operators such as TransTelecom to get to Europe.

It is somewhat ironic that you used the phrase "layer of confusion" because that is just what you did. You were confusing the different network layers in your blog.


Art Hutchinson

Thanks for the clarification, Markus. Unfortunately, none of the maps I linked to give any indication of being IP layer only. If you have others you'd like to point us to that could clarify or prove your point, that would be helpful. In the meantime, the maps when taken as capacity only (ignoring local physical route issues) do illustrate the overland to Europe versus submarine disparity I noted previously.

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