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12 June 2007


Scott Moeller

Fascinating topic, and I wish that more deals in the business world (mergers, acquisitions, divestitures) would have been initiated with the use of this technique. Being aware of it now, I will look for it in the deals that I see -- and hope to see it in action sometime (perhaps being a catalyst to its use). No reason why adopting this technique couldn't improve the dismal record of corporate mergers!

shane deichman

One of my favorite movies of all time is "Pulp Fiction", where Director Quentin Tarantino breaks all temporal conventions by starting (and ending) the movie in the middle of the story. The beginning and the end are in the middle of the movie.

As someone who always solved mazes by starting at the end, I am glad to see many much wiser than me are exploring this field of innovation.

Art Hutchinson

The film Memento is another one. It starts with the end and works back to a surprisingly surprising beginning by following a main character with short-term memory loss.

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